5 Top Ferry Seats for Captains

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Upgrading your captain’s ferry seats offers them a comfortable experience. An ideal seat usually has specific features including an armrest, additional padding, and seat storage. Finding a suitable seat for your captain could be tricky. It should be able to withstand UV sun rays, saltwater and heavy impacts from waves.

Here are some latest boat seats that you should check out.

Leader Accessories Two-Tone Captain Bucket Seat

Leader Accessories is prominent for their distinct marine products including heavy duty ferry covers. They use an excellent marine grade vinyl to construct the Two-Tone Bucket seat. A typical seat is 23.5 inches tall, 26 inches deep and 20.5 inches wide. Also, you can get a variety of colors such as blue, red and charcoal.

Moreover, the seat has a flip-up bolster that gives it an extra height which is appropriate for children who need to have a clear view of the ocean. Besides, it has a thick foam padding that provides optimum comfort and support.

Tempress Navistyle High Back Seat

Tempress NaviStyle seats are resistant to stains. Also, the back seat comprises marine vinyl with a plastic frame which one can quickly fold. Furthermore, it has an automatic lock which is vital during trailering. The seat also has a stain-resistant steel hinge with an integral lock. There are about nine styles of Tempress seats which you can get at affordable rates.

Moeller Heavy Duty Boat Seat

Although Moeller heavy duty seats are slightly expensive compared to other models, they provide excellent features. It’s only available in white color as it suits most types of ferries. Also, the seat is 13.5 inches deep, 18.5 inches long and 17.5 inches wide. However, the seats may be a bit uncomfortable for tall people when traveling for long journeys due to their small width.

Leader Accessories Captain’s Boat Seat

Many Leader Accessories captain seats provide maximum comfort due to their armrests and foam padding. Also, they have a heavy-duty marine vinyl coat and a plastic frame. A typical chair is 20 inches deep, 19.5 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Its armrest provides a memorable cruising experience.

Seamander S1040 Pontoon Seat

Seamander S1040 seats are 21.7 inches deep, 19.7 inches long and 22.2 inches wide. Also, they have high-density foam padding and frame with a marine grade vinyl coat. When installing the ferry seats, you apply a regular mounting pattern. There are a variety of mounting screws and hardware.

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