5 Common Car Problems You Could Encounter While Driving

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Driving a car is a big responsibility, and you must keep it well-maintained. But even with the best care, there is still the chance of your car breaking down and disappointing you. The good news is that you don’t need to get your car towed and pay a hefty fee as a result. Have you ever wished for a mechanic that comes to me? Yes, mobile mechanics exist to help you with the following most common car problems.


A fuel leak is dangerous and will make your car tell you to “check engine.” Usually, it’s just a matter of a gas cap being loose, but sometimes it could be because of a cracked hose. Remember your car engine has a network of canisters and hoses to manage the emissions from your car. Any broken component can lead to a leak. One symptom is that your air-conditioning system is not working. One possibility behind this is you don’t have refrigerant left anymore.  To check if you have an oil leak, open the engine bay and wash it. Look to also change your oil filter regularly.


This problem increases in likelihood during summer. You’ll have to park your car immediately on the side, switch off your air conditioner when this dilemma arises. Most of the time, the main reason for your car to heat up dramatically is low fluid or an inefficient cooling system. As such, you should always check your car’s fluids like the engine coolant and engine oil consistently.

Flat tires

You can avoid this problem by checking your tires at service stations using their tire gauge. If your car is entirely new, you’re in luck as your vehicle will have a monitoring system that can detect if your tires have enough pressure. During summer, this is something to look out for because the heat can raise air pressure and affect your tires.

Dead Starter or Battery

One of the worst things that can happen on a road trip or a getaway is the engine fails to start. The battery is the problem in this case. You should routinely check the plastic pieces that are around the battery because they help in keeping the battery fresh and so extending its life. You can also lessen the risk of start fails by replacing your car battery every three years or so depending on the recommendation of your car manufacturer.  It’s also possible that your failed launch is because your alternator has issues. Look to have it regularly checked and replaced if it’s beyond its recommended working life.

Noisy brakes

This one is particularly dangerous because it could mean your brakes have worn out or loose. Also, there could be brake dust which is highly toxic if inhaled.  If you hear a high-pitched squeal when you use the brake, this is a signal to change the brake pads. If the sound is like metal grinding, then it means your brake rotors are getting damaged.

Final thoughts

Having a car is like having a child. You need to continually monitor and take care of it. Properly maintained, your car will last beyond its average lifespan.

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