5 Best Ways How to Prevent Car Theft

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Most of us don’t care about car theft cautions especially when parking until it’s too late. It is indispensable to learn how to prevent car theft.

Imagine! A vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States of America according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey. If you don’t want a thief sitting behind the wheel of your car, you need to stay aware and educate yourself on how to prevent car theft. Some people prefer custom windshield sun shade to keep the car cool and safe from theft.

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I have put together some preeminent ways to help drivers prevent their cars from car theft.

  1. Keep track of your keys

If your car is missing, one of the first questions a police officer will ask is, “do you have all the keys?” Many people make the mistake of hiding a spare key underneath the wheel-well or some different location underneath their automobile. The problem is, just like hiding a key beneath your front doorstep, criminals have stuck directly to this trick. Getting locked out of your vehicle is inconvenient, but can’t touch the trouble you’ll go through if your car is stolen. Also, when you have given a spare car key to someone who no longer needs it, ask for its return without delay.

  1. Protect your vehicle

No doubt, parking your car to your own driveway, closing and locking the windows/doorways help save your vehicle from being stolen. This seems like a basic protection tactic. However, all of us recognize how far easy it’s to end up complacent. Although it makes your automobile a tad bumpy the first moment you enter, defy the enticement to leave windows cracked in the course of the summer season. If there’s a teenage driver in your household, leave behind this valuable automobile theft prevention tip alongside. Sometimes you have to keep your car parked under the blazing sun, better use the best car cover for extreme sun so that your car may be prevented from extreme weather conditions as well as from being  theft to some extent.

  1. Park your car sensibly

Parking a car in a well-lit area will help dissuade thefts, but parking close to building entrances and near parking lot security cameras includes extra levels of protection. Parking garages are often regarded as safe places for parking your car so it won’t get dented, but parking in an isolated garage could compromise your personal safety. If you have to use a parking garage, better try to park as close to the attendant or a security camera as feasible.

  1. Don’t keep valuables in your automobile

The number of times victims informed me they left their wallet or other precious articles in their vehicle is discouraging. Something like an iPad lying at the passenger’s seat of your vehicle is an eye-candy to a criminal. Sadly, even coins are enough for a few people to break in. Once he’s smashed a window to snatch your iPad, he may just determine to go the entire manner and steal your car. If you are forced to leave a valuable item in your car, put it in the box. But watch out, the bad guy may be looking you do so. Help save your vehicle theft by thinking in advance and leaving valuables at home.

  1. An anti-theft device can help save a car theft

Roughly 40% of insurance companies offer a premium discount for cars which have an antitheft tool. That’s because those gadgets pass an extended way toward automobile theft prevention. Thieves are seeking out an easy target, one they are able to conquer quickly without drawing attention to them. Physical anti-theft gadgets include automobile immobilizer systems that surely can prevent thieves from hotwiring your beloved car. California, Florida and Texas are the country’s leading car robbery states, according to NHTSA data. If you reside in certainly one of them, researching anti-theft gadgets may save you a little money on car insurance and prevent you from the aggravation of vehicle theft.


Keeping your vehicle out of the hands of a criminal is simpler when you equip your home with an expert security system that incorporates open-air cameras, motion detectors and even mobile security alarms.

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