5 best SUVs available in Canadian market

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The segment of the light SUV is probably the fastest growing around the world and automotive brands of course do not want to be left behind and thus steal a portion of this appetizing cake. In Canada, this segment has remained a favorite type since many years ago. Among various brands and types available in Canada, there are 5 best SUVs to choose both as a favorite new or cheap used car. Let’s check them out!

Subaru XV

My opinion about the Subaru XV is that it is the perfect car for daily use and field trips. The 1.6 engine is small and those who come from the diesel will notice the lack of torque but it is gasoline and atmospheric is what it is. This car is one of the most reliable brands on the market but there is a lot of oil to be had since the entire boxer motors consume oil and if they carry it low it can break, in fact they break down a lot because of the lack of lubricant.

Mazda CX-3

The basis of this type of vehicle is having a vehicle with elevated driving position, space for the family, reduced proportions and fuel consumption not as high as in other SUVs. As surprising as it may seem, they use the platform of subcompact cars such as the Honda Fit in the case of the HR-V, the Renault Sandero in the case of the Duster, the Chevrolet Sonic in the case of Trax and the Mazda2 in the case of the CX -3. The Mazda CX-3 was presented a little over a year ago at the Salon de Los Angeles 2014 as a smaller brother of the CX-5 with very daring design and Kodo language lines.

Honda HR-V

There are several things inside the HR-V that call attention to this cloned world of SUVs and one of them reminds me a lot of its older brother the CR-V: space. Yes, yesterday I mentioned it, it’s spacious, but not because Honda says so, but because it really is. With 1.85 meters of height I feel comfortable at the wheel and leave space for myself in the back and more than 10 cm of margin between the knees and the backrest of the front seat.

GMC Terrain

GMC is a division that is now owned by General Motors. Under the name of GMC we can see different models of trucks, SUVs, vans and vans. They are very popular among thousands of car owners, especially in the United States. GMC Terrain is a qualitative product that was made under the highest standards.

Nissan Pathfinder

I think the control of the oil in a Pathfinder is quite simple and must be done once a month. It should be noted that most Nissan have an oil pressure gauge next to the speedometer. However, that indicator does not show the oil level and you must take it into account when you buy the car especially if you choose among the many used suvs.

I hope this post can help you to choose which one the best car for you both as a new car or used one.

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