4 Different Types Of Motor Oils

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We all are aware of how motor oils can help a vehicle to stay in good condition for a longer time. Motor oils are like the food to the engine and which is why your task will be to analyze different types of motor vehicles that are available in the market and pick the one that will help you to get the optimum performance. So if you don’t have the owner’s manual or you want to try out a different alternative for your car, then here are some different types of motor oils which you can definitely consider.

  • Conventional Oil: If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for your vehicle, then you should definitely opt for the conventional oils. You can easily get them at a bulk amount at any auto store. It definitely provides the SAE and API standards but lacks in providing any additive packages. This is a good alternative to people who wants to follow a particular oil for a long time without changing it frequently and their engines are having a low mile. You can also out for the Castrol lubricants as they are equally efficient.
  • Synthetic Blend Oils: If you are looking for any premium motor oil, then synthetic blend oil is going to provide you with the premium quality. They are going to provide you with better protection because they are formulated in a way so that it can protect the engine at high temperature. Most of the SUV drivers and pickup drivers are using this motor oil. The cost of this synthetic blend oil is more than the premium version of conventional oils.
  • High Mileage Oil: If you look into the odometer of more than 60% of the vehicles then you can see that they have a record of near about 75 thousand miles. In order to cater to the requirement of the growing market, all the labs and oil refineries are developing some oils of high mileage. These oils are having the seal conditioners in order to increase and expand the internal engine’s flexibility. The conditioner will help in improving the performance of many engines.
  • Full Synthetic Oil: If you are having the engine of high technology then this is the right motor oil. They are long lasting and provides superior performance. It will protect the engine against any sort of deposits. During high temperature, it will maintain peak lubrication and during low temperature, it will flow steadily. One of the downsides of this oil is they are very expensive in comparison to the conventional oils and not all engines will need them. So until and unless your car’s manual is stating you to opt for this oil you can skip using this oil for excluding any extra expense.

Many people are using Castrol lubricants in order to provide their vehicle with better longevity.

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