4 Benefits to Flushing Your Radiator

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Most people know that changing your oil every few months is beneficial to your engine but did you know that flushing out your radiator can also be very good for your engine?  With that, here are four benefits to your engine you can gain by flushing your radiator.

BENEFIT #1:  Your Engine Will Run Cleaner

As you drive your Location Paramount car, deposits build up in the engine.  These deposits are tiny, solid particles of soot, contaminants, dirt, and dust that develop as a result of heated fuel and oil running through the system as well as particles brought in from the outside air.  Some of these deposits also collect in the radiator (which then make their way into the engine).

When you fill your radiator with antifreeze/coolant solution, the chemicals in these solutions have additives that help improve the function of your radiator (and engine). While these chemicals certainly help to ensure everything runs well, you have to flush the system out once in a while so the benefit is consistent over a longer period of time.

BENEFIT #2:  You Lubricate the Water Pump

Your engine requires lots of different fluids to run properly and water is one of them.  Water is important, of course, as a means to cool the system.  Radiators used to run solely on water, but the modern combustion engine has placed higher demand on them, so now we use chemical solutions.  You still need water, though, and in order to facilitate water through the system, you need a water pump.  Flushing the radiator helps to ensure that the water pump is properly and effectively lubricated, which also contributes to engine efficiency and longevity.

BENEFIT #3:  You Circulate Healthy Additives

Again, modern antifreeze/coolant radiator fluid is a solution of chemicals and additives that maximize engine lubrication, maintain proper operating temperature. These additives, while at once beneficial can get left behind in the system, which then hinders the benefit of healthy additives from new radiator solution.  A simple flush helps to remove the deposits so that only the good stuff remains, which reduces corrosion and, of course, increases the life of your engine.

BENEFIT #4:  You Can Conduct Engine Pressure Tests

While not beneficial to the act of driving, flushing your radiator is the perfect time for you to conduct pressure tests.  These pressure tests are important because they expose any leaks in your system that could reduce efficiency.

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