10 Ways to Prep Your Car to Sell

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Before you can plant yourself behind the wheel of that brand-new car you’ve been eyeing, you have to sell your current one. Follow these steps to prepare your car for sale and make it more attractive to buyers.

  1. Clean it Thoroughly

Don’t just clean your car – detail it. Scrub the outside and thoroughly clean out the inside so buyers are seeing the absolute best side.

  1. Change the Little Things

Small maintenance projects such a car battery replacement go a long way. Buyers will see that the car has been cared-for.

  1. Gather Your Records

Get your service records together. Buyers will like to see that the car’s received proper maintenance at all the right milestones.

  1. Include Paperwork

If your car came with brochures, manuals or other paperwork, include it in the car. These are important resources for your buyer.

  1. Service or Replace Tires

New tires are a major selling point. They’re expensive, but they can help you raise your asking price significantly if they’re brand-new.

  1. Get an Inspection

Find out everything that’s wrong (or right) with your car with the help of a professional. This also gives you a better estimate of how much you can hope to sell your car for.

  1. Service the Oil and Fluids

Buyers in the know will check the car’s fluids. Having them be clean is a sure way to impress. Search “auto store locations near me” to find a seller who offers the fluids you need and that can give advice on changing them on your own.

  1. Replaced Damaged Light Lenses

Cracked headlights or tail lights are indicative of damage. Replace them with new covers so potential buyers don’t perceived your car as sub-par.

  1. Replace your Wiper Blades

If they’re older than 6 months, your wipers should be replaced. It’s a quick, easy and cheap process that really makes a difference.

  1. Replace Belts and Hoses

If your car wasn’t regularly serviced, these parts will show signs of wear and tear. Replace them to make your car look and sound more impressive.

Get the parts you need to spruce up your ride at your local auto parts store. Earn points on auto parts to save money throughout the process and make future repairs more affordable.

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