10 Essentials for Your Car Emergency Kit

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An excellent driver is prepared at all times. Mechanical breakdowns can occur anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, inevitable things can happen such as health issues or a road accident. If you encounter a car accident in the state of Nevada, you can search the web for sites like https://naqvilaw.com for information and expert assistance.

Having a well-equipped emergency kit is extremely valuable in order to immediately take control of these kinds of situation. Here are the 10 essentials your car emergency kit must have:

  1. Spare key

At some point, there will be a time that you will forget, misplace or have your car key stolen. So, it is better to always have a spare key available if this happens. It may seem like an unneeded precaution until you find yourself locked out of your car.

  1. First Aid Kit

The first aid kit will act as a basic supply means of providing emergency aid while waiting for medical assistance. You can treat minor injuries with these essentials without any medical experts, like small cuts and minor burns.

  1. Emergency Blanket

If your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and it is winter time, most likely you will be stuck there for a while. Therefore, be sure to have a blanket with you to protect you from hypothermia.

  1. Flashlight

You might have to stop along the side of the right at nighttime to check on something. A flashlight will be a big help when doing important things at night, such as looking at a road map, searching for tools in the trunk, or changing a damaged tire. Having a source of light is important, especially when traveling in the evening. Prepare extra batteries, too.

  1. Fire extinguisher

Your automobile or somebody’s car can catch fire. An extinguisher is an effective equipment to combat and bring the fire under control. This will also lessen the work of the attending firefighters. Do not hesitate to help, especially if you have the right equipment like this one.

  1. Seatbelt Cutter and Window Breaker

All sorts of things can be unfavorable for you when your vehicle crashes. Doors will not open and seatbelts suddenly become hard to unbuckle. This is the time this two-in-one device comes in handy. It is a glass breaker with a dagger that you can use to get yourself or some out of the seat and into a safe place.

  1. Imperishable Water and Food

If you get stranded along the roadside for a long period of time without any information when aid may come, backup water and food provisions will deliver relief. Stock a plastic water bottle inside your car.  Do not forget to change it with a new one every six months. In terms of nourishment, a few cereal bars will do. These essentials will be valuable to avoid starvation and dehydration while waiting for help.

  1. Windshield Washer Fluid

Being unable to supply more washer fluid throughout an icy trip is very risky. It is advisable to have some in case of emergency.

  1. Shovel

A shovel will come in handy when your vehicle gets stuck in mud or buried in snow. Use this to excavate and free your car.

  1. Tool Kit

A toolkit in your car is useful for quick repairs, just in case you have to do repairs under the hood.


These essentials are assets that you can use in your daily drive. Invest in these things for they can save you and others, especially during emergency situations.

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